Run through beautiful mountains with amazing views of Julian Alps


A true SkyRace, taking you deep into the mountains. It begins in the picturesque Kranjska Gora and then takes you straight to steep uphills, where you’ll even have to use your arms to be able to climb. All efforts will be repaid once you get to the top, where beautiful views and a daredevil downhill await. The route is a perfect mixture of fast, wide parts and some very technical sections on mountain paths.

Your race starts right in the heart of Kranjska Gora. From there you make your way to the river Pišnica and stunning lake Jasna. A beautiful trail then leads you through Tofov graben towards Gozd Martuljek, where you cross the main road right under the bridge and climb Srednji vrh, while passing the lower Jerman waterfall. That’s where you get a stunning view Kranjska Gora and Julian Alps. When the 15 km route starts making its way towards the finish line is where your hardest climb awaits – a 10 km climb towards Trupejevo poldne, which will take up a lot of your energy, but reward you with views, which are hard to describe. The route then takes you across the Karavanke ridge, right on the border between Austria and Slovenia, towards Blekova planina, where a daredevil downhill is waiting to take you to the finish line in Kranjska Gora.

There will be many stunning views of not only Julian Alps, but also Austrian mountains and valleys.

Distance: 33,1 km
Elevation gain: +1,520 m / -1,520
*some minor changes to the course are possible.

Start: SATURDAY, 25. 9. 2021, 10:00








6. km

Tofov graben


11. km

Srednji Vrh


23. km

Pod Blekovo


DATE UNTIL 15. 03. 2021 UNTIL 30. 06. 2021 UNTIL 06. 09. 2021
40 EUR
45 EUR
50 EUR
  • Registration after September 6th 2021 will no longer be possible – some exceptions are possible. Contact for more information.
  • All prices include VAT and are not valid for companies.


  • Online registration

  • The registration is final once we receive your payment.

  • If you pay the fee within 24 hours from signing up, we’ll send you a free training plan for your selected distance.

  • Maximum number of runners is 500.


  • Minimum number of runners is 5 (from whichever distance).

  • Group registration price per runner is 15% lower than individual registrations.

  • We kindly ask all groups NOT to register into the system until you get a group registration code. You first have to fill out the table, which you can download to your computer, send it back to us through e-mail and then you’ll receive further instructions.

  • Please e-mail us at info@trailrun.siwith the filled out table and you’ll receive all further information.

  • Registration table


  • Food and drinks at refreshment points along the route

  • T-shirt

  • Finisher’s medal

  • A meal in the finish area


  • Men up to 30 years (born 1991 or younger)

  • Men up to 40 years (born between 1981 and 1990)

  • Men up to 50 years (born between 1971 and 1980)

  • Men up to 60 years (born between 1961 and 1970)

  • Men above 60 years (born before 1961)

  • Women up to 30 years (born 1991 or younger)

  • Women up to 40 years (born between 1981 and 1990)

  • Women up to 50 years (born between 1971 and 1980)

  • Women up to 60 years (born between 1961 and 1970)

  • Women above 60 years (born before 1961)

In order for a category to be valid, there must be at least 10 female or male runners signed up.


* BIB number that must always be visible +
Appropriate running shoes +
Water reserve for the time between aid stations (1L) +
*Cup (15 cL minimum) +
Head lamp
*Additional batteries for your head lamp
Survival blanket (1,40 x 2,0 m minimum)
*Hooded jacket
Mobile phone
Food reserve
*Basic first aid kit
*Long trousers or leggings
*Additional warm middle layer
Hat/buff and gloves
- Mandatory      - Suggested      - Not needed

* BIB number must be placed at the front of your body, to your t-shirt or a belt

* You need to bring your own drinking cup (15 cL minimum). There will be no plastic cups at aid stations, so each runner must provide their own.

*Additional batteries for your head lamp – you must carry additional batteries or an additional head lamp.

* Hooded jacket. The jacket must have a hood and must be waterproof.

* Basic first aid kit, which must have at least one or two gauzes, one elastic bandage and a packet of plasters.

* Long trousers or leggings, which fully cover your skin.

* Additional warm middle layer, which covers your arms in full.


Time limit for finishing the route is eight (8) hours.


In case of any additional questions please contact:; or 031 893 284 (LUKA)