Announcing the Alpe Adria Trail Cup

Alpe Adria Trail Cup connects the best trail running events in the Alpe Adria region.

It starts in spring with UTVV Slovenia continuing with Soča Outdoor Festival in July and ends in September in Kranjska Gora with Julian Alps Trail Run.

A perfect circle of these three races together forms a trail championship.

Trail championship is scored on the base of ITRA PI (Performance Index). Due to this only certified ITRA races are included in the Alpe Adria Trail Cup.

In the first year, only the general category will be scored in the Alps Adria Trail Cup.

Alpe Adria Trail Cup Champion will be the runner with the best ITRA PI from all three races.

A competitor gets scored and receives practical awards if she/he competes in all three trail running events, which form the cup, at one of the certified distances

Alpe Adria Trail Cup plans to divide the categories into trail and ultra trail ategories in the upcoming seasons, as well as to expand the cup.

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