Be ready for Julian Alps Trail Run 2021

Be ready for Julian Alps Trail Run 2021

Being in good shape is the key to enjoying a race. If you haven’t trained enough, the chosen challenge can quickly take a turn from adventure to pure torture. That is why we put together training programmes, which you can use to be as prepared as possible for Julian Alps Trail Run.

We prepared training programmes for distances from 10 to 65 km, but not for 100 and 170 km, because training for these two distances is very specific. The programmes consist of 8 weeks’ worth of training, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until August to start. Quite the opposite. Start training today and repeat them in 8-week cycles. You can download programmes for your selected distance below.

But training is only one piece of race preparation. Very important, but unfortunately only one piece of the puzzle.


Make sure you also keep these in mind when training:

  • Gear
  • Nutrition
  • Logistics
  • Planning the whole race and its course


Make sure you use your race gear during training as well. It’s essential you get used to the gear beforehand. Details matter! Which means you have to try out everything from your socks, shorts, leggings, t-shirts, jackets, head gear, glasses, poles, backpacks, food, drinks, shoes etc. You simply have to try everything out during your training runs. Oh, and one more thing – use your running backpack with all the gear during training runs, even the shorter ones. And make sure you check out all mandatory gear on our website.



It’s vital you figure out which nutrition suits you during training. Make sure you also test out different drinks, because water won’t be enough in distances, longer than 15 kilometres. More information about nutrition for trail runners you can find here



Figure out where your aid stations are, because there you can freshen up with an array of food and drinks, put together by us and lovely locals. You’ll be able to find a number of sweet and savoury snacks there, warm food and different drinks. Aid stations are also the points where your supporters can meet you and give you some additional strength.


Planning the whole race and its course

We’ll post information about all courses on our website – the exact length, elevation gain, placement of aid stations and much more. Plan everything out and calculate how long it should take you to move along the course. Make sure you watch out for time limits, which aren’t that strict, but should still be kept in mind.


We wish you successful training and can’t wait to see you in September!

Author: Uroš Kožar, KinVital Running Academy

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