Frequently asked questions


I cannot attend the race (injury, other reasons). What are my options?

Cancellation policy is part of our Registration Terms and Conditions.

Refunds or transfers to 2024 are not possible.

Runners who paid for the insurance at the time of registration can claim the insurance themselves upon submission of the relevant documents (via myUTMB profile).

Runners who did not pay the insurance at the time of registration can apply for a partial refund upon submission of relevant medical documents. Refunds are arranged according to the following schedule: until 1/5/2023: 60%; until 1.6.2023: 50%; until 1/8/2023: 30%. No refunds are possible after 1/8/2023 regardless of the reason why the runner cannot participate in the competition.

If the runner does not take part in the competition, regardless of the reason, he also renounces the start package and all other benefits that runners have.

I registered for the race, but I would like to change the distance (longer/shorter). Is this possible?

Changing the distance is only possible until August 1, 2023. Runners can change the distance themselves (in the registration confirmation e-mail, they get access to their profile, where they can edit the change).

After August 1, 2023, changes are only possible at the event with an additional payment of €10 (in the case of a transfer to a longer distance, it is necessary to pay also the difference in the registration fee).

I am registered for the race, but I would like to transfer my registration to another runner. Is this possible?

Transfer to another runner can be made until August 1st, 2023. To receive instructions on how to transfer the entry to another runner, contact registration@trailrun.si.

After August 1st, 2023, changes will only be possible at the event in Kranjska Gora (in Vitranc Hall) with an additional charge of 20 €.

What are the registration deadlines?

Registration deadline is 24.8.2023.

In case of free places, registration will also be possible at the event during the collection of starting numbers. The number of places on each route is listed here: https://trailrun.si/en/registration/.

Where can I find the list of registered competitors?

The list of registered competitors will be published after the registration deadline (24 August 2023).

Do I need a medical certificate to participate in the race?

A medical certificate is not required for participation. Everyone competes at their own risk.

When and where can I pick up my BIB number?

BIB number pick up will take place in the Vitranc sports hall in Kranjska Gora (Kolodvorska ulica 1a, Kranjska Gora) according to the following schedule:

  • Thursday, 7/9/2023: 16.00 – 20.00 (for 170km, 100km, 60km and 25km)
  • Friday, 8/9/2023: 8.00 – 12:00, 15.00 – 20.00 (for 100km, 60km, 25km, 15km and 10km)
  • Saturday, 9/9/2023: 6.00 – 9.00 (for 25km, 15km and 10km), 14.00 – 17.00 (for 15km and 10km)

Can I ask a friend to pick up my BIB number for me?

Runners must pick up their BIB number themselves (when picking up, there is also mandatory equipment check and runner signs a declaration of responsibility).

The starting number can be taken over by another runner only in case of a change of competitor (surcharge €20).


How do I book a bus?

Bus transport to the start is organized for 170km, 100km and 60km runners. The bus is reserved upon registration.

Until the end of the registration period (August 24), runners can subsequently book a bus (enter their registration/edit registration/add “1” to “bus transfer to the start”/save/payment).

Do I have to take the bus to the start?

The runner can also take his own transport to the start. In this case, he is responsible for being on time at the start.

For runners on the 60km distance, it is highly recommended to go to the start with organized bus transport, as there are NO parking spaces in Žirovnica.

When and where are the bus departures?

Buses will depart from the parking lot below the ski slopes (approx. 15 minutes’ walk from the Vitranc sports hall) according to the following schedule:

  • Friday, 8/9/2023: at 9:00 departure of the bus to Kobarid (170 km)
  • Friday, 8/9/2023: at 19.00 departure of the bus to Radovljica (100 km)
  • Saturday, 9/9/2023: at 5.45 departure of the bus to Žirovnica (60 km)

Runners should be at the departure point at least 15 minutes before the scheduled departure.

Transition bags for 170km.

Runners at 170 km get 2 transition bags: for Soriška planina and Žirovnica. The bags must be marked.

The bags will be handed out at the drop-off point in the Vitranc hall in Kranjska Gora on Thursday, September 7. between 16.00 and 20.00, or on Friday, September 8, between 8.00 and 9.00.

More details here.

Transition bags for 100km.

100km runners get 1 transition bag for Žirovnica. The bags must be marked.

The bags are handed in at the drop-off point in the Vitranc hall in Kranjska Gora on Thursday, September 7, between 16.00 and 20.00, or on Friday, September 8, between 8.00 and 12.00 and between 15.00 and 18.30 respectively.

More details here.

Finisher bags (170km, 100km, 60km).

Runners of 170km, 100km and 60km receive a finisher bag. It is handed over at the start of the race in a dedicated van. The bag can also be handed in at the drop-off point in the Vitranc hall during the BIB pick up. The bags must be marked.

It is not allowed to leave bags on the bus, as they do not go back to Kranjska Gora.

More details here.


Where can we find the locations of refreshment stations?

Information for each distance is available on the website under the “ROUTES” tab https://trailrun.si/en/10km-en/.

What food will be available at refreshment stations?

Energy chocolates, bananas, apples, oranges, tomatoes, pickles, soup, cheese, salami, peanuts, chips, cookies.

Drinks will include water, isotonic and coca cola.

At the finish line, a hot meal will be available for all competitors (meat/vegan/gluten-free).

A hot meal will be available for the 100km competitors in Žirovnica, and for the 170km competitors on Soriška planina and in Žirovnica.

Gluten- and lactose-free food will also be available.

How long can I stay at the refreshment station?

The stop at the refreshment station is not limited in time, runners should pay attention to the time limits.

Is it possible to charge watches and phones at the 170/100km refreshment stations?

Most stations have electricity – the exceptions are Tofov graben, Talež and Stol. Chargers and adapters must be carried by the runner.

Is it possible to sleep at the refreshment stations?

Some beds will be available on Soriška planina, Podhom, Žirovnica and in Dovje.

Where can I call in an emergency?

The organizer’s emergency number will be listed on the BIB number.

Will there be showers available after the race?

Showers will be available in the Vitranc sports hall (Kranjska Gora).


I want to help a runner during the race. What are the restrictions?

Runners can only be helped at the refreshment station and not between stations, they are completely self-sufficient there.

Assistance is only allowed at certain refreshment stations.

Information on where assistance is allowed and where not, can be found under the section AID STATIONS at each distance: https://trailrun.si/en/60km-en/

Will there be a follower race guide?

Information will be available in the “race guide”, which will be prepared for the runners.

Are the refreshment stations accessible by car?

All refreshment stations are accessible by car, except Ratitovec, Stol, Golica and Tofov Graben.

Will it be possible to watch the race live?

Yes, there will be live streaming via the Alpe Adria Trail Cup Facebook profile.

Will runners be geolocated?

The 170km and 100km runners will have GPS trackers. Online monitoring will also be possible – the link will be published in the week before the event.


Where can I find the ».gpx« files of the routes?

GPX files for individual distances are available on the “ROUTES” tab: https://trailrun.si/en/10km-en/. The final files will be uploaded at the end of August, as small changes are still possible (due to storms and floods, certain sections need to be slightly adjusted).

Is the route marked?

The routes are marked with orange stripes, flags with reflectors visible in the night and boards.

What are the time limits?

The information for each route is listed in the “ROUTES” tab: https://trailrun.si/en/10km-en/.

At what time is the start of each distance?

170km: Friday, September 8, at 12.00 – Kobarid

100km: Friday, September 8, at 21.00 – Radovljica

60km: Saturday, September 9, at 7.00 – Žirovnica

25km: Saturday, September 9, at 9.00 – Kranjska Gora

15 km: Saturday, September 9, at 17.00 – Kranjska Gora

10 km: Saturday, September 9, at 17.45 – Kranjska Gora

UTMB running stones.

I feel Slovenia Ultra Trail Julian Alps 170km: 4 UTMB running stones

Ultra Sky Trail 100km: 3 UTMB running stones

Sky Trail 60km: 2 UTMB running stones

Kranjska Gora Trail 25km: 1 UTMB running stones

Intersport Speed ​​Trail 15km: 1 UTMB running stones

Funny Trail 10km does not include UTMB running stones.

ITRA points

The match does not earn ITRA points.


Each runner must have their own reusable cup.

Where can I find a list of mandatory equipment?

The list of mandatory equipment is available here.

The organizer reserves the right to make changes in case of exceptional weather conditions.

Mandatory equipment check.

Runners must bring all mandatory equipment to the BIB pick up. The inspection will be carried out at the time of BIB number pick up.

Mandatory equipment can also be checked at the start or on the course. It is the duty of the runners to have the mandatory equipment with them from the start to the finish line.

What happens in case of incomplete mandatory equipment?

Each runner must show the mandatory equipment if required. For each missing piece of mandatory equipment, the runner gets 0.5 hours extra. If a runner refuses to show equipment, he is disqualified.


Transfers from/to airports.

Information on how to come to Kranjska Gora is available on the destination website: https://kranjska-gora.si/en/how-to-reach-us.

Some shuttle serices: GoOpti, Taxi Airport Ljubljana, Point2Point, MyWay prevozi,…

The nearest airport is Jože Pučnik Airport Ljubljana. Other nearby airports: Trieste, Venice (Treviso/Marco Polo), Zagreb.

Mobility in Kranjska Gora: https://kranjska-gora.si/en/go-with-bus

Can you recommend any accommodation?

Our partner Hit Alpinea offers special accommodation prices for Julian Alps Trail Run runners – runners can make a reservation via this link.

Is there a camp nearby?

Camp Špik: https://www.camp-spik.com/en/ 

Natura Eco Camp: https://naturaecocamp.si/ 

Camping Kamne: http://campingkamne.com/index.php/en/

At the destination, there is a parking lot for motorhomes in the Nordic Center in Planica, motorhomes can also spend the night in several campsites at the destination. The motorhome can also be parked in Kranjska Gora and in Rateče by the intermittent Lake Ledine.

Where can I park?

Information about parking lots in Kranjska Gora is available at this link: https://parking.kranjska-gora.si/en/car-parks/kranjska-gora/. ATTENTION: parking will not be possible in the parking lots next to the Vitranc hall.

What else can I do in Kranjska Gora?

Kranjska Gora offers many activities all year round. More information on the destination website: https://kranjska-gora.si/en.

What else can I do in Slovenia?

Slovenia is very diverse and therefore tempting in all seasons. More information on the official Slovenian tourist portal: https://www.slovenia.info/en

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