Discover the beautiful sights of Julian Alps

In case you haven’t quite decided whether Julian Alps and its surroundings are the right trail running destination yet, then we’d like to show you some hidden gems nearby that are definitely worth a visit.

Kranjska Gora

Alpine touristic resort, mainly known for skiing in the winter, where you can also attend a FIS alpine skiing event and a ski flying event in Planica. In warmer months, Kranjska Gora is flooded with hikers, bikers and other outdoor enthusiasts. Trail runners will be joining them for the last September weekend, because all Julian Alps Trail Run routes will have the finish line in Kranjska Gora.

Julian Alps and Triglav National Park

The Slovenian part of the Alps is right at the edge of this mountain range and due to that still quite unknown to many foreigners. The peaks stretch high into the sky, all the way up to 2864 meters, which is the height of Slovenia’s highest mountain Triglav.

Triglav National Park is the only national park in Slovenia, located only a few steps outside Kranjska Gora. It’s named after our tallest mountain Triglav, which you can find right in the heart of the park. The park is a protected area, meant to conserve and protect animal and botanical species. That’s the reason why we’ll only be running on paths, located at the park’s border.

Who could resist views like this?

At the border of three countries – Slovenia, Austria and Italy

You can find Tromeja only a pinch away from Kranjska Gora – the peak, where Slovenia, Austria and Italy intertwine with a triple border. We probably don’t have to additionally emphasise this makes the location even more attractive, since it’s so easily accessed by foreign runners.


The source of river Sava Dolinka is well known due to its green colour. This very picturesque gem is within a walking distance from Kranjska Gora, as it will only take you 30 minutes to get there.

Oh, and don’t forget to bring your camera.

Lake Jasna

This gem is only 15 minutes away from Kranjska Gora – lake Jasna, where clear water paints a beautiful picture of nearby mountains in its reflection and makes it a truly amazing attraction.

Those a bit braver and in need of a refreshment, can finish the outdoor swimming season right there in this stunning lake.

Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj

Who hasn’t seen the pictures of Lake Bled with its magnificent island in the middle? This alpine lake has become a true Slovenian symbol in the past few years. We promise you won’t forget the views of our little island and its church, the castle on the hill and peaks around the lake for quite some time.

Lake Bohinj awaits only a few kilometres away, which is a true paradise for water sports lovers. There are many activities to enjoy in warmer months, such as swimming, kayaking and even fishing.


Yes, you can find attractions like that located very close to Kranjska Gora. Martuljek waterfalls are right in the heart of the city, under the magnificent mountain Špik.

If you’re up for a bit of adventure, you can find waterfall Savica very much near Bohinj Lake. The waterfall is the source of our biggest river Sava.

Vintgar Gorge

A 1600 m long gorge, carved by Radovna River, is located approximately 4 kilometres from Bled. You breath will be taken away by many pools, rapids and other nature wonders.

Soča Valley

Remote, stunning and unforgettable valley and the home of Slovenia’s most magnificent river Soča. A true paradise for all nature, adrenaline, hiking and trail running lovers. But not only that – there is something for history lovers as well, as some shocking 1st world war heritage can also be found there.

Video presentations of destinations of JATrail

1. Julian Alps

2. Soča Valley

3. Kranjska Gora

4. Žirovnica

5. Radovljica

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We recommend

In case you haven’t quite decided whether Julian Alps and its surroundings are the right trail running destination yet, then we’d like to show you some hidden gems nearby that are definitely worth a visit.
Julian Alps Trail Run destinations offer numerous adventures that are easily accessible all-year long. That's why we put together a few single-day trip ideas, which represent a perfect chance to explore Slovenia – from easy family hikes to tougher trail runs. All trips are equipped with GPX files, to make sure you don't lose your way.
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