Daily adventures on Julian Alps Trail Run routes

Daily Adventures on Julian Alps Trail Run routes

Julian Alps Trail Run destinations offer numerous adventures that are easily accessible all-year long. That’s why we put together a few single-day trip ideas, which represent a perfect chance to explore Slovenia – from easy family hikes to tougher trail runs. All trips are equipped with GPX files, to make sure you don’t lose your way.


Distance. How many kilometres you have to tackle.

Elevation. Total elevation gain on the whole route.

Difficulty. This category focuses especially on distance, whereas special terrain features are elaborated in text.

1. Kobarid – Drežnica – planina Kuhinja – Kobarid

Your adventure begins in Kobarid, which is also the starting city of our longest, 170 km route, which circles the whole Julian Alps. You start with an easy ascent, right along the Italian ossuary, which serves as a monument to fallen soldiers during the first world war. Then you descend towards Soča River and cross it, so you can begin your main ascent – along Drežnica, which offers stunning views of Mount Krn, and towards Kuhinja Plateau, which is the highest point of your trip. The route is fairly easy the whole time, with some steeper parts. Kuhinja Plateau offers the perfect chance to rehydrate and take a minute to enjoy the view. Then you can start making your way back to the starting point – right along villages Krn, Vrsno, Smast and Landra.

2. Tolmin – planina Razor – Tolmin

You start your adventure in Tolmin, go along village Žabče and then right into a steep uphill. You’ll go through the most of your uphill in the first five kilometres, so make sure you start slow. After that the terrain is a bit easier and you follow an easy ascent towards Razor Plateau, where you can grab a bite and rehydrate. Don’t forget to take a moment and enjoy stunning mountain views. You’ll descend along a different route, towards Tolminske Ravne. If you have enough energy left at the end of the trip, we suggest taking the time to walk through the stunning Tolmin Gorge.

3. Circular route at Soriška planina

Soriška planina is the perfect location for a family trip. It offers everything that high mountain ranges have – views, stunning routes and peaks, all while still being easily accessible either from Bohinjska Bistrica or Selška Valley. Even the youngest and most inexperienced hikers can tackle this trip and enjoy the stunning views it offers. You’ll be able to enjoy military forts along the way and you can even tackle hikes to Možic or Lajnar.

4. Radovljica – Talež

You start your adventure in Radovljica, which is also the starting point of our 100 km race. You begin by descending to the stunning Fuks footbridge, through which you cross Sava River and begin your ascent towards Talež. The ascent is short and fairly easy and it offers a great reward at the top – breath-taking views towards Bled Lake, Karawanks and the incredible mount Stol. You’ll descend towards Ribno and after that, all you must do is follow Sava River, which will guide you right back to where you started in Radovljica.

Foto: Jošt Gantar (arhiv Turizem Radovljica)

5. Završnica – Stol

Mount Stol (2236 m) is the king of Karawanks ridge and the highest peak of the ridge. Runners on our longest three races will climb it during the race and our 60 km race starts right below this stunning mountain – in Žirovnica. Your circular route starts in Završnica, right by the lake, and you climb towards a mountain hut. That’s where you turn left and follow the blazes towards Stol. You can make the most out of Prešeren mountain hut right below the top, where you can grab a bite and rehydrate for your descent. You’ll descend towards Žirovniška plateau and back to the lake. This is a difficult trail, suitable for experienced runners and hikers.

6. Kranjska Gora – Srednji Vrh (Speed Trail)

Kranjska Gora is the main destination of our trail running event, hosting starts of our three races and all six finishes. You’ll do the most of your 17 km on our Speed Trail (15 km) route. You begin at Vitranc sports hall and continue towards Pišnica river and pass the running Jasna Lake, where you’ll be able to take in some of the most running views of Slovenian Alps. Then you’ll pass a village and make your way towards Tofov graben (which is a bit more technical, but still safe and secure) and then Gozd Martuljek. Next you simply follow the signs for Srednji Vrh village – where you’ll be able to enjoy an iconic view of mount Špik (2472 m) and its surrounding peaks. Then you’re in for an exciting downhill on Alpe Adria Trail back towards Kranjska Gora.

If you’re looking for an active holiday in Slovenia and would like to spend some time on Julian Alps Trail Run routes, we can put together tailored guided or self-guided tours, so you can make the most out of your holiday. Contact us via e-mail jatrail@trailrun.si and we’ll find the perfect trail running adventure for you.

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