Julian Alps Trail Run’s story

Julian Alps Trail Run's story

First impressions about Slovenian Alps are connected with stunning nature, extremely rich with magnificent peaks, clear rivers and many alpine lakes. This area is internationally well known for its hiking, cycling and skiing.

We made it our goal to turn it into the go-to place for trail running as well, so that’s why Julian Alps Trail Run was born. We strongly believe we can make this small story into a huge novel – a novel made out of your crazy experiences.

An unforgettable running experience

Goldhorn, one of Julian Alps’ main symbols, explored these beautiful places long before runners, which is why we made it into our symbol. Well, ours isn’t exactly gold, because our designer thought the colour wasn’t trendy enough, so we made it a bit more matte. ☺

Our idea is made from the following movements, which we as organisers and trail runners found the most important when putting together such an event. We believe we’re on the right path at the moment, but you’ll be able to tell us exactly how successful we were in September. 😉

1. To connect Julian Alps gems through running

Our idea is to connect the river Soča, Bled lake and Kranjska Gora. But not only connect – we want to take you on as many single trails as possible, so you can discover even more stunning places Julian Alps and its surroundings can offer.

2. To find single trails with the most stunning views

We want our runners to discover Julian Alps and our most magnificent mountain Triglav (2864 m) through the best and most picturesque single trails we can find.

3. Great atmosphere and terrain for beginners and experienced ultra runners

When putting together an event, we’re also trying to make sure it offers appropriate terrains, so runners of all levels can enjoy it – from beginners to extremely experienced ultra runners. As for great atmosphere, we’re preparing a number of activities before, during and after the event.

4. To turn our immense dedication into your unforgettable experience

Trust me – you really have to love trail running and nature to try and put together such an event. And you also have to be a bit delusional and pretend you don’t know how much work it’s actually going to be. ☺ But most importantly you have to believe your hard work can turn into a story you’ll someday be immensely proud of. 

That’s why your smiles at the start, on the trails and at the finish line are more than priceless to us. We can’t begin to tell you how much reading your comments means to us – of course your criticism hurts a bit, but if it’s constructive, it’s more than welcome! We can’t wait to meet you and to hear your story!

5. Together we organised 14 trail running events – we want to use that experience and make Julian Alps Trail Run the best event in this area

Even though the story of Julian Alps Trail Run is only beginning, we already put together 14 successful trail running events. The team is formed from organisers of Soča Outdoor Festival, Ultra Trail Vipava Valley and Kranjska Gora Trail Run.

Running connects people

Running has always been known to connect people, so we want to emphasize this aspect as well. Firstly, it connected us, organisers of the biggest 3 trail running events in Slovenia – Kranjska Gora Trail Run, Ultra Trail Vipava Valley in Soča Outdoor Festival – into one big project that is Julian Alps Trail Run.

However, it doesn’t connect only us, but the whole Slovenia. The longest distance almost circles around Julian Alps and connects Soča Valley, Bled, Radovljica, Žirovnica and the whole Upper Sava Valley with Kranjska Gora.

Why Julian Alps and its surroundings?

Because we believe trail running’s home is on alpine single trails and because our coast is only 40 km long. How were we supposed to organise an ultra trail there? ☺

And most importantly, due to stunning views, which sometimes even reach the above mentioned Slovenian coast.

Your running experience won’t be made up only of stunning views, we’re also putting together a big additional programme

1. Running expo from Thursday to Sunday (24.9.-27.9.)
Great place for gear testing, lectures, trail events introductions …

2. Crowning the king and queen of mountain Stol
This is something new for runners on distances 65, 100 and 170 km. Who will be the fastest one from Žirovnica to the top of mountain Stol (2236 m)? We’re preparing a special prize for the fastest male and female runner on each distance.

3. Saturday’s after party
We’ll toast to all your running achievements and experiences and together wait for the most persistent runners on our toughest distances.


From 10 to 170 km – from stairway to heaven to highway to hell

Our shorter distances are organised with the thought of introducing the joy of trail running to beginners without making it to difficult. On the other hand, longer distances offer something even for the most demanding runners – more elevation gain, higher altitudes, viewpoint ridges and tough downhills. You can find more about each distance through this link.

Distances and locations
Kranjska Gora – Kranjska Gora: 10, 15 in 30 km (Saturday, 26. 9. 2020)
Žirovnica – Kranjska Gora: 65 km (Saturday, 26. 9. 2020)
Radovljica – Kranjska Gora: 100 km (Friday, 25. 9. 2020)
Kobarid – Kranjska Gora: 170 km (Friday, 25. 9. 2020)

If you’re still unsure whether to join us … we’ll convince you until September. 😉

Julian Alps Trail Run is also a part of the newly introduced league Alpe Adria Trail Cup, which connects us with Ultra Trail Vipava Valley and Soča Outdoor Festival.

Sports and outdoor activities are in our blood and even mentioned in Slovenia’s touristic slogan – Slovenia as green, active and healthy destination for 5-star experiences. And what could be better at connecting these three into a 5-star experience than trail running?

To sum up – single trails are amazing, so see you this September in Kranjska Gora. 😉

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