Additional programme

As 2020 is the year of expansion, we’ll also be expanding our accompanying programme during the last weekend of September.

We’ll be expanding the expo, so you can get to know as many amazing trail races as possible and discover quality gear to make your trail running adventures better and safer.

There will also be interesting lectures available to calm your pre-race nerves. And no worries, we won’t forget about the importance of tasty food and a great music programme.

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We recommend

We recommend

In case you haven’t quite decided whether Julian Alps and its surroundings are the right trail running destination yet, then we’d like to show you some hidden gems nearby that are definitely worth a visit.
Julian Alps Trail Run destinations offer numerous adventures that are easily accessible all-year long. That's why we put together a few single-day trip ideas, which represent a perfect chance to explore Slovenia – from easy family hikes to tougher trail runs. All trips are equipped with GPX files, to make sure you don't lose your way.
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