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JAT Running Program 30 km

An 8-week running program to help you prepare for the Julian Alps Trail Run by UTMB. It contains daily training sessions for the 30 km distance.

Product description

The program includes preparation for the Julian Alps Trail Run by UTMB by day. It features easy runs, fartleks, short and long interval workouts. If you follow this program, we promise that you’ll be more than ready to crush your goals at Julian Alps Trail Run by UTMB.

Selected training plan will be electronically sent to your e-mail address, so when placing an order, please choose “personal pick-up” option, so you won’t be charged for shipping costs. Please make sure you enter the correct e-mail address.


  • 8-week running program for distance 30 km
  • Day by day training for 8 weeks
  • Strength exercises

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